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Van Esch Gripsystemen B.V.

Grip4Cows (Van Esch Gripsystemen B.V.) is a company that since 2001 has specialized in roughening barn floors using diamond saws in almost all types of concrete floors. In these years barn floors have been roughened in 10 different countries and at thousands of companies.



  • Purely specialized in roughing technology
  • In-house development of professional machines
  • Soil following machines
  • Custom made machines
    • Special machines for the sides
    • Special machines for large areas
    • Special machines for chain slots
    • Special machines to roughen transversely
  • An appropriate grinding profile for each specific situation

We completely relieve you

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  • Expert advice
  • Skilled executive staff
  • Huge capacity of up to 750 m2 per day
  • Own mobile power supply
  • Proprietary hoses and cables
  • Various spare machines available
  • Customization for each company

What do we expect from you?

  • Water supply available (Grip4Cows provides its own water hoses)
  • "Clean" floors (for best final result, the floor should be free of caked slurry residue beforehand)

Grinding profiles

At Grip4Cows it is possible to choose from different profiles, adapted to each specific situation. In consultation with you, we are happy to choose the grinding profile that best suits your situation.

Interested? Contact us for a completely free consultation.

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